Das Schöpfungsprogramm

Museum Of Contemporary Art, Zagreb


The „Programme Genesis“ exhibition deals with the origin of man, his inherent and acquired properties, and the substances of contemporary life. The presentation comprises three parts, each devoted to a specific theme: Paradise Lost, The Raw and the Cooked and Brave New World, and is distributed throughout six available rooms within the Museum premises. Due to their linear layout a stroll through the rooms ensures legibility of human development, from its animal roots to the process of cultivation- all the way to present-day civilisation.
Paradise Lost, based on the work by John Milton, contains a segment of his presentation of the entire world – the multiplicity of animal species and, as the result of that, man´s approach to his living environment and its taming.

The second part, The Raw and the Cooked, depicts the so called primitive peoples as presented in the collections of myths by Claude Levi-Strauss, where the interrelationship between man and animal is still unaffected. This part is predominately devoted to conquering, and then mastering and controlling nature, which resulted in the use of tools and which optimised the senses as instruments of cognition.
The third and concluding part reflects Aldous Huxley´s Brave New World and is devoted o the gratification of human existence. Ultimately, paradise appears in its contemporary form of an apocalyptic world which, despite everything, must serve mankind as a reservation of its yearning for nature.

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